Marty Jablow, DMD

"Backing up data is just like insurance; you hope you never need it. The problem is, unlike insurance, in which you just write a check, backing up data in your dental office is a daily event. I always said you need one more backup than you have, and one better be off-site at all times. DDS Rescue provides my office with automated and verified hourly backups along with the necessity of off-site data storage. It is not just backing up data; it is imaging the entire server. If, for any reason, you need your backup restored, it is as simple as a phone call and in about 10 minutes you are back up and running.

During Hurricane Sandy while I was worrying about more important matters, I got an email informing me that my cloud-based server backup was available to my office if needed. This was proactive on the part of DDS Rescue. So in the middle of a natural disaster, I had one less thing to worry about.

Data is uninsurable, yet it is the lifeblood of your practice. Losing your office data is a catastrophe that can be avoided by using a backup system such as DDS Rescue."

Marty Jablow, DMD
Woodbridge, NJ
President of Dental Technology Solutions, a lecture and consulting company

John Flucke, DDS

"I use DDS Rescue in my practice because it provides the very best down-time and disaster recovery protection available."

John Flucke, DDS
Lee's Summit, MO
General Dentist & Technology Editor for Dental Products Report

Brian Shuman, DMD

"As I watched the fire engulf my entire building, thousands of issues raced through my head. One of the very few comforting thoughts was knowing I backed up to tape every night. I also backed up to the cloud, so I thought I would be up and running by the next morning.

Surprise, surprise—it turns out my tape drive was no longer manufactured. ‘No problem, I will use my cloud backup,’ I thought. But my cloud backup took 4 days to get to me, and it contained multiple errors. I had to search the net and purchase a used tape drive. But, I had none of my programs on the tape, just my data. It took several more days to have all of my programs sent and then a couple more days to install them and restore all of my data.

‘Never again!’ I told my IT guys; I wanted to be up and running in a couple hours should disaster strike again. They developed a solution, but it was not as seamless, as dentally focused or as reasonable priced as DDS Rescue. I just purchased DDS Rescue, and anticipate I will feel safe and sure I am 100% backed up, 100% of the time.

With DDS Rescue, I not only get a group of data protection experts but alsoa company that understands the value of superb customer service. Daily emails confirming successful back-ups and personal phone calls from the Chief IT Officer to discuss unusual changes in my data usage are routine. Even an occasional phone call from the CEO to check in is not unusual.

I get piece of mind, state-of-the-art data protection and above-and-beyond customer service. You are a wonderful company with a great product. The customer service you provided really sets the bar."

Brian Shuman, DMD
Burlington, VT

Drs. Steven Dankworth and Kimberly Corrigan-Dankworth

“We have been a customer of DDS Rescue for the past 4 years and were glad we were from the very first day. Even before the DDS Rescue System was installed, the initial assessment their technician performed found that one of our two hard drives on our server was no longer running. The very first night after we had installed the full system, our other hard drive failed. The very nice part about this is that the monitoring part of the DDS Rescue System detected that our server was down and the DDS Rescue technician was waiting for us the next morning to arrive at our office. He quickly got us up and running eliminating a very serious problem before our day even began. If that level of service wasn’t enough to convince us of the total worth of this unique system then last month’s incident did. Our office received an email that supposedly came from one of our patients that contained a malware called Cryptolocker that infected our office server. The Cryptolocker then gave us the choice of paying them a ransom or have them permanently lock us out of our office server and therefore all of our patient records. We phoned DDS Rescue and they immediately had us shut down the server then they activated the DDS Rescue Unit to operate our office network. This allowed us to not only continue to work but also allowed us to have our infected server completely stripped of all programs by our IT professional. Once the server was completely clean, all of our office files were placed back onto our server from the DDS Rescue Unit. As a result of having the DDS Rescue System, we were able to not pay a ransom and completely remove Cryptolocker from our server, which avoided the threat of having our complete server locked down and loosing all of our records forever. With DDS Rescue having saved our practice twice, we can tell you from experience that if you don’t have a DDS Rescue System in your office right now you should! It’s scary to imagine how much we would have lost.”

Drs. Steven Dankworth and Kimberly Corrigan-Dankworth
Carlsbad, CA
La Costa Dental Excellence

Office Manager Denyse Hearon

“We had to get a new server and of course you never think with a brand new server you would ever go down right away. We got the new server up and running, DDS Rescue was installed and a week later the server went completely down. I called our IT guy and he said DDS Rescue should be able to take over. I was in panic mode because we had already been down 30 minutes at that point. We were down about an hour and a half all together from the first moment I knew it crashed until DDS Rescue got us up and running. We ran on DDS Rescue for two weeks. There was never a glitch or a problem, it just switched right over. We didn’t lose any data. And every time I called they were real quick to help me and then they would call me to let me know that everything was OK. That’s what I really liked about it. They were my security blanket. When the new server arrived the transition back from DDS Rescue was just as easy, actually easier because we’d already gone through it once. About 12 years ago we lost one of our servers but we didn’t have DDS Rescue. A cleaning lady took a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed over one of the servers and scrambled all of the data. We were without the server for 9 weeks. We didn’t know our schedule or anything for 9 weeks. We only recovered 80 percent of our data. After that incident when we heard about DDS Rescue we knew we had to get it. If people don’t want to spend the money they’re crazy. We’ve had a really bad experience and now we’ve had a really good experience. We don’t have anything but good things to say about them. They saved us.”

Denyse Hearon
Tyler, TX
Smith Dental

Dr. David Solomon

"I sought out DDS Rescue based upon the recommendation of a trusted colleague. It was clear to me that the company understood my needs when they emphasized that their goal is to keep my practice running fluidly in the event of a server crash, facility loss, or from the recent increase in loss of data due to malware. Other vendors speak in terms of days or weeks to get me back up and running. DDS Rescue speaks in terms of minutes. No more worry about misplacing tapes or portable hard drives either. I highly suggest having the free security assessment offered through some dental dealers before experiencing a catastrophic data loss."

Dr. David Solomon
Cambridge, VT