What is DDS Rescue™?

Onsite System

A Failover Server at Your Office
DDS Rescue™ includes an onsite unit- a failover server- for common network failures, which, in most cases, can get your office back up and running in 10 minutes. Think of it as a high-tech spare tire for your practice.

Online System

Your Programs & Data- Stored Securely in the Cloud
In addition to backups on your onsite failover server, the system routinely copies these files to the cloud. Your programs and data are backed up online and stored in multiple, encrypted facilities. If your office is destroyed, your complete server can be accessed via the web so you can view files and mnage your business remotely.

U.S.-Based Monitoring
24 Hours a Day

Every Backup is Verified
Onsite and offsite systems are monitored and tested to make sure all backed-up data is current, should you need a fast restore.

  • Fastest and most predictable restore possible. In most cases, get your office up and running in minutes
  • Most Reliable backup possible. Never worry again about the quality of your backups
  • Built for dental. DDS Rescue is HIPAA, HITECH, and PIPEDA compliant. Your data never leaves your practice unencrypted, which protects you from the risk of $50,000 to $1,000,000 fines

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    The DDS Rescue™ System Includes

  • Onsite failover server
  • Online backup to the cloud
  • Easy installation via web interface
  • U.S.-based monotoring 24-hours a day
  • 3-year replacement warranty (up to 1 unit per year)
  • Red-carpet recovery service
  • Technical Assistance when needed
  • Support from DDS Rescue and your dealer
  • All Updates Included
  • Technical Specifications

  • Linux Operating System
  • Quad core CPU
  • Several systems available to accomodate practices of all sizes:
    250 GB, 500 GB, 1TB RAID1 or larger
  • Simple web interface with 5-minute set-up